Remote Scribing

Remote Scribing

How Remote Scribing can maximise the buzz around your event

Remote Scribing – Visuals from cyberspace

You heard it here first! Remote scribing is now becoming more and more of a norm – especially with our clients abroad.

Eurofinance – The Economist Group case study

At the Eurofinance event – Treasure At a Tipping Point – in Vienna, we captured all the discussion remotely from London. Amazing! We followed the hashtag #eurofinance and transformed the key reactions from speakers and participants into illustrations which were then tweeted minutes later. Wowsers – it was high-octane stuff! Our illustrations helped communicate the Eurofinance message perfectly into a really fun shareable format. We therefore helped maximise the exposure of the Eurofinance brand. And most importantly our drawings piqued people’s interest and drew them in to the discussion.

Our visual coverage of the event was then ‘shareable’ by other participants outside of the forum.

VisualScribing RemoteScribing 02

In essence our illustrations connected the speakers’ ideas to the whole World. By the end of the day, “visual summaries” were tweeted so that everyone could have an overview of the entire event. Genius.

VisualScribing RemoteScribing 03

These illustrations are created in high resolution which means they can be used over and over again in brochures and/or on any other communication material. Importantly they can also be used to advertise next year´s event. So it’s a win-win situation.

Still not sure what we’re on about?

Remote scribing is a technique where the scribe is not physically present at the event but scribes remotely by following a live broadcast, social media hashtags or even text messages. It’s fast and it’s furious …but we love it! Contact us to find out more.