Einstein on visual thinking

Einstein on visual thinking

Creativity can’t be taught, but it can be harnessed

What is visual thinking? Visual thinking is a way to organise information in a visual way. As a matter of fact a majority of us are visual thinkers. Studies show that we understand and retain information better once we have seen it.

Albert Einstein on visual thinking A lot of so called geniuses were masters in visual thinking. Einstein even said that words or language spoken or written do not play any role in his mechanism of thought.

“…Words or the language, as they are written or spoken, do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thought. The psychical entities which seem to serve as elements in thought are certain signs and more or less clear images which can be “voluntarily” reproduced and combined…but taken from a psychological viewpoint, this combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought — before there is any connection with logical construction in words or other kinds of signs which can be communicated to others.” —Albert Einstein