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Everybody loves a good story

Animations capture people’s hearts, but more importantly their attention. The use of audio-visual means the audience will retain far more information and understand things better. As professional illustrators it’s easy for us to direct you to the most effective animation style for your particular situation. We are experts in hand drawn explainer videos, animated scribes as well as full blown 2D animations. From script to storyboard, voice over to the final animated video, we are happy to take care of either the entire process or just parts of it. Our animations are engaging, fun and educative. Try us!



The Interstellar Initiative is a program promoted by the New York Academy of Sciences. The initiative aims to increase international collaboration uniting scientists within the early stages of their careers. Our goal was to create an engaging and easy-to-understand explainer video to attract potential candidates.

CANON / Illustration on video

Canon conducted online interviews with their clients to explain the advantages of using Canon machines in digital print. We created a series of drawings displayed on the screen with each speaker. The visuals reinforced ideas and made the narrative more playful. As a result, we’ve got a more engaging video.


The Bank of England Open Forum brought together policymakers, financial market participants and users, academics, media representatives and the wider society to map a positive future for financial markets. Visual Scribing was asked to create a short animation explaining the goals of the Open Forum.

NEWSUK / Animation

The arrival of digital media has affected the media landscape and changed the way we consume news. News UK developed a new subscription model and asked Visual Scribing to create an explainer video showing how it works. We worked with the client’s script and voice over, and created the artwork and animation using elements from the brand identity.

EBAY HISTORY / Animation

It all started with a simple idea and a website. Fast forward a few years and eBay is one of today’s most iconic companies. To celebrate its tremendous success, Visual Scribing was asked to create a video summarising eBays history from its origins up to the present day.


William Blake is a never-ending source of inspiration and one of our all-time favourite artists. Painter, printmaker and poet, he often combined words and illustration as modern scribes do. He was a visionary who wanted to use art to transform society. Out of love and admiration, we created this short animation celebrating Blake’s life.


The Bank of England is the central bank for the United Kingdom. Its tasks are different from other banks, it acts as the government’s bank and the lender of last resort and it issues currency and oversees monetary policy. Visual Scribing was hired to create a series of simple animations explaining the role of the Bank of England in our modern economy and the implications in people’s day to day lives.

SHOWREEL / Animation

Our showreel will give you a flavour of some of the things we can do for you. Whether that’s animation, rich picture or an infographic, we can make your content come to life through images.