Trying to get something to fit into words that just won’t go?

Scribing transforms abstract content into super easy-to-understand images. By nature humans are “visual learners” – basically we’re much more likely to remember and understand stuff if we see it. Teaming pictures and words stimulates the emotional/creative, as well as logical, part of our brain.

Scribing is highly effective and fun to watch. We scribe in meetings, events and conferences around the world.

We offer: Live Scribing / Digital Scribing / Remote Scribing


Examples of our scribing work:

Canon – Future Book International Forum

Canon hosted the Future Book Forum in its Customer Experience Centre in Germany. We captured the key points of conversations and translated them into a massive knowledge wall.


Eurofinance (The Economist Group) International conference

The world’s leading international treasury event took place in Vienna. And we scribed it remotely from London. Every illustration was shared in real time on social media.



Never Stop Learning conference

Visual Scribing was invited to provide graphic facilitation for an inspiring event “Never Stop Learning” organised by and for the teachers of Never Stop Learning Hub to share exciting ways to engage and motivate students.

“The evening was captured brilliantly through the artwork of Visual Scribing”
Stephen O’Callaghan