By drawing not writing. Armed with our favourite pens we communicate complicated content in a memorable, fun and engaging way that everyone will understand. Perfect for conferences, presentations or pitches. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words…



Videos! The ultimate tool for any business communication. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet but we can literally transform any concept into an engaging animated video. It’s what we do everyday, for lots of people like you. Tell us your idea and we´ll animate it.



Information indigestion? Our richpictures effectively help you digest huge amounts of info, convey strategies & find solutions, whilst maintaining the ‘bigger picture’. The perfect remedy for information overload. As they say a richpicture is worth 10,000 words…



Self-explanatory really. We’re pretty good at drawing. We can draw anything you want in a style of your choice. A good drawing ensures a powerful message (think about propaganda!?). Give us an idea and we’ll come back to you with something smashing: a piece of art.


About us

Visual Scribing is a London-based graphic facilitation company. In a nutshell we help people effectively communicate their ideas to employees, clients or the World. We work with an international network of “exceptionally talented” (they made us write this) artists: scribes, designers, illustrators, animators and actors. Sometimes we pay them. But seriously, they’re a good bunch and they help us provide our clients with unique and outstanding solutions.

David Jesus Vignolli is a founder of He prefers pictures to words. With over 15 years of experience as an illustrator, designer and creative director (he’s worked with big wigs like Philips and Ebay), David has an excellent understanding of the whole creative process. As a great leader, whipping our international creative team into shape, David ensures our clients receive the highest quality service. He’s from Brazil and says if he wasn’t an illustrator he would have been a footballer. We think he made the right choice.

Our clients

We don´t want to boast but...

“Just to say that our pitch went really well, and that your illustration was the star of the show!”

The Frameworks

“Many thanks for this, really happy with the animation. The video is loved by everyone. Great work!”

Sandra Tinker , News UK

Could I add my thanks for all of the work you have done for us this week. It is tremendous and has made such a difference to the initiative we’ve been working on.

Davis Simon , Bank of England

“David Vignolli is exceptionally talented in capturing the salient points of discussions in graphic format. We highly recommend his work.”

Steven D´Souza , Professor, IE Business School

“Your richpicture is already being much admired! I was certainly in awe of your skills when we saw you in action! Many thanks for illustrating so lucidly so many of the people’s ideas and bringing out the characteristics of Poole!”

Hilary Evans , Borough of Poole

I really enjoyed working with you and the team at the Open Forum.

Chris Peacock , Bank of England

Whiteboard animation

We take whiteboard animations to the next level – our creations having a cinematic quality. For us there are no difference between an animation and a film – we want the best visuals so people will love it! A bit soppy I know but creating deeply emotional and engaging experiences (even though they might be just a few minutes long) is our greatest passion.

Talk to us. Go on. You can ask us ANYTHING.
There’s nothing we haven’t heard before.
Ask for a quote if you’re feeling brave.