Scribing translates complicated content into easy to understand images. It’s engaging, memorable and fun. In conferences, presentations or pitches, use scribing to tell your story.



Animation is proven to be one of the most powerful tools to engage audiences. With many years of experience, we can help you transform your idea into an outstanding video.



‘Richpicture’- It is the perfect tool to convey strategies and understand even the most complex systems, helping you to find solutions and take the right decisions.



Tell us your idea and we will design the perfect illustration for it. Our diversity of styles allows us to choose the best way to enhance the power of your message.


Reasons why you´ll love working with us

• We have taken graphic facilitation to a new level by combining it with design. Yes, we draw, but we add more to the equation- branding expertise, exquisite colour schemes, advertising type finishing – creating an entirely new visual experience.

• We absolutely love what we do and we strive for the highest quality.
• We are easy to work with.
• We strongly believe that the flow of inspiration increases after a good cappuccino in Soho.
• We work hard to satisfy our own high standards.

Whiteboard animationDid you know?

Whiteboard animations are far more engaging than text alone (some say 800 times more!) and for some reason more effective than a real person talking on a screen. Not only do people prefer to see an animation, studies show that audiovisual presentation helps us to understand content better and retain more information.

We feel entertained and absorb information in a playful way. It does not feel like hard work. In times that the attention is the most precious commodity, this is quite a great achievement.