By drawing not writing. Armed with our favourite pens we communicate complicated content in a memorable, fun and engaging way that everyone will understand. Perfect for conferences, presentations or pitches. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words…



Videos! The ultimate tool for any business communication. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet but we can literally transform any concept into an engaging animated video. It’s what we do everyday, for lots of people like you. Tell us your idea and we´ll animate it.



Information indigestion? Our richpictures effectively help you digest huge amounts of info, convey strategies & find solutions, whilst maintaining the ‘bigger picture’. The perfect remedy for information overload. As they say a richpicture is worth 10,000 words…



Self-explanatory really. We’re pretty good at drawing. We can draw anything you want in a style of your choice. A good drawing ensures a powerful message (think about propaganda!?). Give us an idea and we’ll come back to you with something smashing: a piece of art.


We are creative people empowering meetings with innovative visuals

• to simplify communication
• to help you spread your message
• to engage your audience
• to make sure everyone understands

How can we shape your idea?
We help you choose the best visual tools to tell your story: live scribing, digital scribing, animation, rich picture, info graphic or illustration.


Most of our work can be done remotely. Based in London, we work for clients from all over the world. If necessary we are happy to travel.

Our difference
We are illustrators and we are graphic designers. This unique combination of skills ensures the highest quality visuals. Our images not only deliver your message but they also look stunning.

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Animation Services

Animations engage and capture people’s attention.

Using audio-visual stuff means the audience will retain much more information and understand things better.
Have a look at what we did for the Bank of England – Open Forum: