The funny thing about awkward situations…


Picture this: a client with a powerpoint presentation loaded with bullet points which were each a complaint about company employees. We nearly headed for the exit for fear of how awkward this somewhat delicate presentation was about to become! But being who we are we could not yield to a challenge (plus we’d been hired for the sole purpose of softening the blow). “How?” you might ask…

Well, in a situation like this, which could easily escalate into a colossal disaster if handled incorrectly, humour is the most important thing. Our client was quite rightly adamant that the complaints were explained without hurting anyone’s feelings. We decided the best way to solve this problem would be to hold a ‘creative lab’ with the client to make sure that appropriate and amusing metaphors were used for each complaint. In one 4 hour session together we agreed on the correct images for each complaint issue, and the sketches were created there and then. Thus the client was engaged in the creative process. This type of idea generation is fun and energising. The client loves it and we love it too. 

Once the sketches were done and approved by the client, we scanned them and started working on the final illustrations digitally. Digital illustrations are easy to edit and have a crisp finish – though they are originally hand-drawn so don’t look computer generated at all! The final illustrations were elegant, engaging and fun without being childish. We used a reduced colour palette so as not to distract attention from the message. Creativity is the art of mixing different visions and ideas to find a solution that suits everyone. At the same time it is also important to understand the universal part of communication so that the presentation can be appreciated by a large and diverse audience. The client was extremely happy with the outcome due to how effective the illustrations were at communicating the messages to their employees. 

By hiring us to create illustrations with a great deal of humour a meeting, which could have been upsetting and damaging to the company in the long-term, was in fact positive and uplifting for everyone. The illustrations we created in partnership with the client were thus a great way to take the serious edge off a subject during their presentation, and ease an awkward atmosphere. Listening to customer complaints has never been so much fun!


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