Tag: Whiteboard animation

02_williamblake_visualscribingAnimating Blake was fun. We felt like sending a different kind of postcard to our clients this time. The inspiration came from a great English Painter and Poet William Blake, who encouraged his fellow human beings to live a life of creativity, experiment, imagination. He himself was completely free of the conventions of his time, which allowed him to create art that seems modern 300 years later. Like a modern scribe, Blake very often combined typography with image.

We approached the project in a Blake like manner, drawing with a black pen (Staedtler 0.5) without any sketches straight onto a A4 white sheet of paper, surrendering ourselves to the spontaneity of the creative process.

That´s what the ready drawing looked like:


Once the drawing was done, we have scanned it and applied colour in photoshop, keeping the colour palette reduced to yellow, black and blue to keep the drawing joyful but elegant. Our unique combination of skills combining graphic facilitation with brand and print design, allows us to take a project from the first drawn line to the printed product ensuring a high quality throughout the whole process.

Our clients enjoyed the postcard a lot and their feedback inspired us to animate it.