Scribing: the ultimate way to enrich your event documentation!


Canon Future Book Forum case study

Scribing is a super effective way to enrich information by transforming your ideas into pictures. This helps you to communicate more effectively – because, you see, people remember pictures far more than they remember words. What’s more is that pictures can be shared again and again without getting lost in the piles and piles of ‘word overload’ so often present in emails, reports and other internal communications within offices.

Sharing scribed images will dramatically help maximise the impact and reach of your message – after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

Not only this but a scribed image can be used across all media platforms over and over again in many different formats: use these pictures in brochures, websites, social media, frame them and give them to participants as awards! The more you share scribed illustrations the more the information will be absorbed.

A great example of this was our recent work with Canon. We scribed for their Future Book Forum brochure – and had great fun doing so! Our pictures didn’t just feature pretty faces – they helped Canon deliver powerful messages in a format that’s really easy to understand. More importantly our images sparked people’s curiosity and made the whole forum much more fun. And as we all know: if things are fun, things are memorable.

Visual scribing was the perfect communicative tool for a forum that is reinventing the book itself.

So say it with pictures!

scribing-the-ultimate-way-to-enrich-your-event-documentation-canon-book-forum scribing-the-ultimate-way-to-enrich-your-event-documentation-canon-book-forum scribing-the-ultimate-way-to-enrich-your-event-documentation

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