Our work

Canon Future of Printing Forum

Canon, world leader in imaging solutions, opened the doors of its Customer Experience Center in Germany, for its Future Book Forum 2015. Visual Scribing was there capturing the key points of conversations and presentations; and translating them into a massive knowledge wall full of engaging visuals.

News UK animation

We were approached by News UK to create a whiteboard animation for the print and mobile channels of their brands – The Times, Sunday Times and The Sun.

The client provided us with the script and we developed the concept by looking at the elements of the News UK logo and analysing their core brand identity. Concept developed, we created the artwork & and animated it.

William Blake

English Painter and Poet William Blake, who encouraged his fellow human beings to live a life of creativity, experiment, imagination. He himself was completely free of the conventions of his time, which allowed him to create art that seems modern 300 years later. Like a modern scribe, Blake very often combined typography with image.


UK´s Energy Estuary

Richpicture of Humber showing the industry of the region.


Live Scribing for Steelcase

Visualscribing.com was invited by Steelcase to create a massive mural in their “The power of place” event. An event bringing together clients and employees to celebrate the power of beautiful and functional design. The mural was composed by 60 A4 foam boards. We created a gallery of images describing Steelcase´s brand values, services and products. Visuals combined in order to generate a narrative. Each individual picture was a piece of art to be given to the participants. Everything that was drawn live in the event was photographed and delivered back to the client in a digital document that can be shared among the participants, or used in communication materials.

Using comics in business

Using comics in business is accessible, easy-to-understand and very memorable. We believe that great design helps to engage audiences and capture people’s attention. Having a background in branding we know how to use colors and visual elements to keep the message ‘on brand’.