Mozart illustrated


Mozart designs with musical notes; the balance and elegance in Mozart’s melodies are an endless source of inspiration for us.

A great way to learn and improve on your creative skills is to research different areas of expertise. Our obsession with Mozart comes from the fact that in order to keep developing our skills we look constantly into other fields of art in search of innovation and inspiration. Mozart transformed the lives of many people through music. We work hard to transform the lives of people through drawings – making life easier and more fun. 

We wanted to  celebrate Mozart’s quotes in postcard format to keep his immortal art alive in people’s hearts – to transfer the musical to the visual.  The cards are letterpress printed by Blush and shared with clients. If you would like to have a printed card and be inspired by this unique combination of music and scribing drop us a line and we will post you one! :)

Mozart-letter printed illustration by visualscribing

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