Never Stop Learning event


We were invited graphic record the Never Stop Learning event. Childhood is a magic time of discovering and trying things out. Whatever we learn as kids, creates the foundation for our future choices. 

 Someone once said that illustrators are children that never stopped drawing and we could not agree more!

Visual Scribing was invited to provide graphic facilitation for an inspiring event “Never Stop Learning” organised by and for the teachers of Never Stop Learning Hub to share exciting ways to engage and motivate students.

The key speaker Hywel Roberts “Oops, children learn accidentally”, was followed by 10 workshops and a series of micro-presentations. We agreed that the best way forward would be to draw in real time on a 3m x2m piece of paper fixed to the wall, so that the content of the conference would unfold itself simultaneously with the speeches. After the event we digitalised the mural and sent it to the organisers to circulate among the attendees via website, twitter, facebook.

Some of the feedback we got:
“The evening was captured brilliantly through the artwork of David”


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