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You would probably agree with me when I say: “Steve Jobs is one of the greatest innovation masters of modern times.” After all, his successes speak for themselves.

So, if you’re looking for the next big thing, it’s worth taking the time to study his principles in order to succeed.

Today’s post will explain Steve Jobs’ approach to innovation and inspire you to: think different.

How did Steve Jobs use innovation to save Apple?

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997 the company was close to bankruptcy. Other less knowledgeable individuals might have resolved to cutting costs and firing people left, right and centre to keep the company afloat, but Steve Jobs took a different approach. He chose to innovate instead.

“The cure for Apple AAPL -0.32% is not cost-cutting; the cure for Apple is to innovate its way out of its current predicament.” said Jobs.

We all know the results. Apple is now considered as one of the most successful and innovative companies of all times. Now even more than ever, innovation is crucial for businesses looking to survive and thrive.

The golden rules of innovation

The golden rules of innovation as applied by Steve Jobs can work equally for small and big companies, even for one-person enterprises.

The best part:

Those rules can help us as individuals to achieve our goals and live more satisfying and fulfilled lives.

Visual Scribing collected some of Steve Jobs innovative insights and created an infographic that hopefully will help you to “stay hungry and stay foolish” for innovative ideas.


Drawing is our passion. We never stop. We scribble conversations, ideas, situations. We scribble waiting in a phone queue, travelling on a train, waiting for the waiter to bring our breakfast. You get the idea. Our Creative Director and scribe David comes back from each trip with dozens of travel sketches. The great thing about turning one´s passion into profession is that you never really get tired of what you are doing.

Here are some sketches from David´s recent trip to Rome and Wroclaw:

travel-sketches-visual-scribing travel-sketches-la-capella-sistina travel-sketches-wroclaw travel-sketches-wroclaw-gnom

open-forum-2016-graphic-facilitation-2Above you can see the gallery created by our scribes for this year’s Bank of England Future Forum. This is a major event that connects the Bank of England to the wider public. These illustrations are really important not only because they make the financial services easier to understand, but they also stay in the minds of the viewers longer than lengthy banking text. Where people might not bother to read a document, they will always look at a picture.


what is innovation illustration

Innovation has become a key tool to ensure the success of every company. From blue-chip companies to start ups everyone is innovating. But what is innovation? According to Jamie Notter, “it´s the change that unlocks new value”.

At Visual Scribing we work with innovative companies and we´re experts in helping our clients to identify problems and find the right creative solutions.


Mozart designs with musical notes; the balance and elegance in Mozart’s melodies are an endless source of inspiration for us.

A great way to learn and improve on your creative skills is to research different areas of expertise. Our obsession with Mozart comes from the fact that in order to keep developing our skills we look constantly into other fields of art in search of innovation and inspiration. Mozart transformed the lives of many people through music. We work hard to transform the lives of people through drawings – making life easier and more fun. 

We wanted to  celebrate Mozart’s quotes in postcard format to keep his immortal art alive in people’s hearts – to transfer the musical to the visual.  The cards are letterpress printed by Blush and shared with clients. If you would like to have a printed card and be inspired by this unique combination of music and scribing drop us a line and we will post you one! :)

Mozart-letter printed illustration by visualscribing

Mural illustrations create an unique creative vibe in events and ultimately inspire people. was invited by Steelcase to create a massive mural in their “The power of place” event. An event bringing together clients and employees to celebrate the power of beautiful and functional design. The mural was composed by 60 A4 foam boards. We created a gallery of images describing Steelcase´s brand values, services and products.



Live illustration is probably one of the oldest ways of human communication. Perhaps that´s why it´s so fascinating. It reminds people of how doodles can trigger our creative energy.


Visuals combined in order to generate a narrative. Each individual picture was a piece of art to be given to the participants.Steelcase_livescribingEverything that was drawn live in the event was photographed and delivered back to the client in a digital document that can be shared among the participants, or used in communication materials.


We´ve just got our new business cards letter press printed by Blush. They look so beautiful. Quality that you feel with your fingertips.