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Using comics in business is a great way for companies to communicate with their employees.

Companies generate a big amount of data and the question is what we do with it and how can this information be helpful in gaining useful insights into the business? Many companies are working with new database systems and data analytics. A major UK bank wanted us to explain to their employees how their new database system works.

Our approach

It could not be done with only one image or a poster: the explanation required the use of sequential images showing the various stages of how the database works. In this case, we decided to create a comic page. Why? Because using comics in business is accessible, easy-to-understand and very memorable. We believe that great design helps to engage audiences and capture people’s attention. Having a background in branding we know how to use colors and visual elements to keep the message ‘on brand’. In this case we had to break with the playful nature of the comic, limiting the colour palette, to communicate the seriousness of the topic.

Our process

1 ) Clients usually talk us through the brief and explain the project in detail. This time, the client created a sketch which was very helpful.

2) Based on the sketch, we created the first layout with most of the artwork only in pencil and one finished frame showing the style.

using comics in business

Once the layout was approved, we moved on to create the final version. The result was an elegant ‘on brand’ comic page that explained in a simple and fun way the company’s new database system. The client was very impressed by how engaging and fun the page was. The awareness and usage of the database increased with everyone wanting to know more about it!

using comics to explain complicated processes to employees

We were approached by News UK to create an explanatory video for the print and mobile channels of their brands – The Times, Sunday Times and The Sun.

News UK studies bust a widely believed myth about the way people read online. They found out that whether people read their news on paper or glass, they tend to read it in pretty much the same way. Whatever device they´re reading on, it´s the content that matters. This insight changed the way News UK approaches advertising: it’s not about print first, or digital first. Its about putting the audience first.

Our approach

The client provided us with the script and we started our work with the concept initially by looking at the elements of the News UK logo and analysing their core brand identity. Good understanding of the brand enables us to create something that’s unique and reflects the look and feel of each client’s company. The core of the brand being the logo, we decided to use the slashes from the News 3.0 logo throughout the animation to tell the story.

The concept was then brought to life on a storyboard. Storyboards are a great way to demonstrate how stories flow – the result would translate into an engaging explainer video that would communicate the message in a clear and powerful way. This is the stage where we define colours. In this case, we decided to use a minimum colour palette of dark gray and blue – the brand colours. Our approach to visuals is that each element used on the screen has to have a function to support the story. Nothing should distract the viewer´s attention – each element should always reinforce the message.

explanatory video

Once the storyboard was approved, we moved onto creating the final artwork. Here the sketches take their final shape. We create our artwork digitally to ensure a high quality end product. And it also enables the client to use the various illustrations across different media platforms.

Voice, artwork and music come together in this final stage – animation. We created a whiteboard animation, combining handdrawn elements with motion graphics. Creating a dynamic explanatory video, displayed on the client’s home page, has resulted in an increase in sales.

“Many thanks for this, really happy with the animation. The video is loved by everyone. Great work!” Sandra Tinker , News UK

NewsUk – whiteboard animation from Visual scribing on Vimeo.